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Hi! I’m Christine. Animal reiki practitioner, high vibe essential oil spray creator and crystal connoisseur. And welcome to The Fern and The Fox, where we build connection with each other, our animals and ourselves through healing energy.  

Everything is energy. It flows through us, we feel it and move it, as it moves us. I believe that the most powerful energy shifts happen when we move out of living in our head (overthinking, worrying, stressing) and into our body. 

All my life, I’ve been called to energy work, particularly with animals. My third dog, the happy-go-lucky, people-loving, old soul foxhound/chow chow mix, Floyd, taught me so much about connecting with animals on a spiritual level and it was through my relationship with him that The Fern and The Fox was born.

What began as a simple pet service business has blossomed today into a multidisciplinary energy healing practice . Through years of training and hands-on experience, I’ve come to know and witness the power of tapping into energy to connect people to their animals and to themselves. I help people achieve this connection using energetic techniques, essential oils and curated crystals. 

My signature program PETs for Animals applies personal energetic techniques such as reiki, communication, past life regression and integrated energy therapy on animals of all kinds: dogs, cats, horses, etc., helping owners build a stronger connection between person and pet and helping animals heal from mental and physical challenges. 

My online shop houses a specially-curated collection of powerful crystals and handcrafted essential oil sprays for both people and animals. Whether you are seeking calm, abundance, grounding, or joy, or you’re manifesting your wildest dreams, I have created a spray just for you. 

And staying true to my roots, I also offer pet-sitting, where I welcome your beloved pets into my home and love and care for them as my own until you return. My own pup Finn - a goofy, silly people-loving husky/labrador retriever/mountain dog mix - just loves having new friends to hang out with!

Everything that I create and provide is infused with my authentic self, a passion for connection, and a love for animals and nature. I think Floyd would be proud. 

Contact me directly for more information on how we can work together!

Professional certifications: 

  • Reiki Master (2015)
  • Animal Reiki Practitioner (2015)
  • Level 1 Akashic Records Practitioner (Past Life Regression) (2015)
  • Level 2 IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) Practitioner (2018)
  • Aromatherapy Specialist (2020)
  • HTFA Level 1 Practitioner (Healing Touch for Animals) (2023)