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PETs for Animals

At The Fern and The Fox, animals are friends. As spiritual beings, I believe that animals can benefit from many of the same energetic healing methods as humans. Through my many years of training and practice, I’ve seen firsthand the incredible connection that forms between people and pets. It is through this experience that I developed a signature service unique to The Fern and The Fox: Personal Energetic Techniques (PETs) for Animals.

What is PETs for Animals?

PETs for Animals applies personal energetic techniques such as reiki, communication, past life regression and integrated energy therapy on animals of all kinds: dogs, cats, horses, etc.

Who is PETs for Animals appropriate for?

Owners who are interested in building a stronger connection between person and pet are ideal candidates for PETs for Animals. PETs is also appropriate for animals who are suffering any kind of pain, anxiety, stress or illness. If your animal suffers from any of the following, PETs may offer a solution:

  • displaying anxious behaviour
  • has suffered past trauma
  • has been repeatedly rehomed
  • suffering from a physical ailment (ex. digestive issues; breathing difficulties, etc.)
  • diagnosed with disease (ex. cancer)

What are the benefits of PETs for Animals?

The goal of PETs is to have the animal return to balance and alignment. They may be calmer, less anxious, less stressed and in less pain and discomfort. Owners will receive practical guidance and tools to provide their animals with ongoing support.


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